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The Conception Stage

The earliest recollection of being an entrepreneur was 6 or 7 years old.  Attending large Weddings with my parents was boring. Looking for something to do landed me a “job” in the “Cloak Room”. When I hung up a coat, the person gave me a tip. I incorporated a basket at the drop-off/pickup window. Magic happened. Whenever anyone dropped off a coat or picked up a coat, they gave me a tip in the basket. Boring wedding got me excited!  Changed my perception and doing what other people were not willing to do, made money. At 15 year old, I had 90 days to come up with enough money to go to Spain and Italy with the Explorer Scouts. Within 90 days, I had more than enough money to make the trip through a business brainstorm of a snowball stand in my basement. That was my 1st experience with 90 Day Goals. At 15 years old, I underestimated my Gift and the concept lay dormant.

The Growing Stage

Over the years I have read over 3000 motivational books, listened to tapes, CD’s and attended seminars by the most popular mentors of the day. My 1st personal mentor was Napoleon Hill, Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, Albert Einstein and Dr. Norman V. Peale. Recently it was Anthony Robbins, Mike Litman and Jason Oman, authors of “Conversations with Millionaires”.

During a difficult time in my industry of large-scale photo-processing equipment, the economy was bad and my sales were down, I attended a one-day seminar hosted by Anthony Robbins. I really was in a slump. Tony Robbins told everyone to set a few goals, the guidelines where that they must be attainable within 90 days. Visions of long-term goals came easy - large mansions by the ocean, fancy cars, a sailing vessel and lots and lots of money. Those very large dreams never materialized. I was so stressed-out that all I wanted was to make more sales. My sales for the first quarter were only $28,000. I boldly wrote “I will make 10 times that amount of sales in the second quarter” then I put a target date in my day planner. Visualizing what I would get out of it and how I was going to make it happen encouraged me along the path each and every day. You guessed it.  I made over $280,000+ in sales at the end of the 1st 90-day goal session.

If the system worked, would it work twice? The next 90 days my earning topped over $300,000. Co-workers started calling me the “Golden Boy”. Those who knew me labeled me “Mr. 90 Day Goals”.

Setting attainable Goals, FOCUSING on the outcome, VISUALIZING the reward, WRITING them down and I REVIEWING them daily fueled the burning desire to see them accomplished.

The next year during a trip to Florida I had an opportunity to speak to the GM of the hotel I was visiting. She was discouraged; even though her employees were all good people they had no real dreams. Their only Goal was to get room 201 done and go on to room 203. She said, “If only there was a way to make their dreams come to life and have them get some success to attainment of greater Goals”. I realized that I had the answer, now it could not longer be kept a secret.

The Secret Comes Alive

Mike Litman formed the Conversations With Millionaires Mastermind groups worldwide to help anyone achieve more and get together with like-minded people. The Baltimore Mastermind group was formed.  Through this association, I set a goal to have my “Create and Achieve your Dreams with 90 Day Goals” website working by January 2004.

This is it.

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