The mission of is to provide a way to achieve your true potential through 90 Day Goals planning. The system is developed from my actual experiences and has proven to work easily and effectively. Anyone can benefit from the 90 Day Goals system to make changes in their life that will create new opportunities and achievements in as little as 90 days.

My personal goal is to make the 90 Day Goals system available to anyone that has an desire to improve their life. The free E-zines and newsletters offer goal setting tips, techniques and forums that work. This grass roots formula is available online, in books, tapes, CD's and videos.

The 90 Day Goals program will be used by millions of people worldwide for the betterment and enrichment of all societies A foundation is slated to be formed in late 2004 from the profits of  A portion of profits will be invested into the foundation to provide food, clothing and shelter for the needy and the homeless. The foundation will also provide a "learn to read" program with an art and music enrichment program called "BLAM".  This program will recognize "Bruce Colin Laine" for his contribution to art and music. Bruce is my best friend and he died too young, at 33 years old. 

This is my life's Mission and Vision.



Mr. 90 Day Goals




"Frank is the Nations Number One, 90-Day Goals Mentor"

Mike Litman, #1 best selling author,
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